Value-added products

Wang noted Taiwan's textile industry is known for its vibrancy and resilience. As the premier research institute of the industry, TTRI will create patenting, sales and marketing divisions to work with private manufacturers on new products, he said.

“A partnership between TTRI and the private sector is what's needed in finding new opportunities,” he said.

TTRI last year formed a branch office in Touliu, Yunnan County, to have a larger presence in central and southern Taiwan. The spring reception was held at the Touliu branch.

“The Touliu branch boasts a strong research and development team as well as highly trained professionals, backed by solid cutting-edge technologies and instruments,” Wang said. “We'll provide central and southern Taiwan manufacturers with the speediest service, under the supervision of the Industrial Development Bureau and the Department of Technology under the Ministry of Economic Affairs,” he said.

The Taiwan Textile Research Institute (TTRI) will help manufacturers develop innovative and value-added products amid the current recession, said chairman Y. K. Wang during the organization's spring reception on Feb. 18. “We'll adjust some of our existing strategies and add new projects, based on the needs of individual companies, to help them weather the current financial storm,” Wang said.

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