By offering the low prices, Fortuner aims to compete with two direct rivals, Ford Everest and Chevrolet Captiva.

No one could imagine that the Japanese automobile manufacturer would offer such a ‘soft’ price. The oil-engine version of Fortuner G has the price of $34,300/car, while the petrol-engine version has the price of $41,000. The price levels prove to be much lower than the price levels of $50,000-60,000 for most imports.

The success of Toyota seems to have dealt a blow to its rivals. The information about the assembling of Fortuner in Vietnam certainly has prompted people to delay their plans to buy Chevrolet Captiva or Ford Everest.

Fortuner has also forced Vidamco to launch the oil engine version of Captiva sooner than previously expected, on February 10.

In order to compete with Fortuner, Vidamco has set a price for its Captiva diesel LTZ at $34,200, $100 lower than Fortuner. Experts say this is a daring move by Vidamco. If the manufacturer sets the prices overly high, it will not be able to sell products, while if it sets the prices low, it will suffer losses.

Toyota seems to have prepared well for the ‘Fortuner’ phenomenon with a very impressive marketing campaign. In general, manufacturers always keep the launching of new models secret until the last minutes. However, the appearance of Fortuner was heralded by press agencies in November 2008 and the advertisement campaign was kicked off a couple of weeks before the official launch.

The marketing campaign has brought satisfactory results. Just in the first 10 days of February, the number of orders, according to Toyota, reached nearly 1,000 cars.

Meanwhile, Ford Vietnam has not made any move with Everest model, as the representative of the US automobile manufacturer said that its business is still going well. However, in the long term, when the luxury tax goes into effect, Everest will have to take actions to compete with other rivals.

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